Appenzeller Sennenhunde Temperament
There can be a lot of variation in the temperament 
of individual Appenzellers but it seems the following 
are always true:
- consummate athlete, likes to run and jump
- really smart, will learn faster than other dogs
- doesn't tire easily, always ready for what's next
- watches the house and property
- devoted to family members, very sensitive to emotions
They love to play.  If they get some good exercise each day, they can be 
content to spend the rest of the time laying at your feet.  Don't skip the exercise.  
They are a working breed that are able to control cattle.  They usually get along with other 
animals like cats.  But of course you need to check that in each circumstance 
before letting kitty on her own with a new dog.  
Appenzellers are more suspicious of strangers than the usual Bernese or Swissy and 
will not warm up to visitors right away.  We generally have people pat an Appenzeller 
on the chest before top of head, after they have approached the person not the other way around, and 
without much or any eye contact initially.  They are incredibly loving and 
emotionally attached after they warm up but it isn't like some dogs 
that don't care if they know you or not.  

An amazing dog and companion, when activity and socialization needs are met.   

							 Audrey Lyke